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So this is 40 – confessions of a marketer…

I’ve always been a gypsy of sorts.  Not through my DNA, although I’ve never been quite certain of the bits that went into my genetic cocktail…  I am just one of those people who simply can’t sta[more]

Adobe Creative Cloud – Viable Service or Liability?

If you're loud enough Adobe will give you a 30 day credit so you can get back to work, but there's more you should consider. Check it out here...[more]

In defense of common decency – and why stealing will cost you more in the end

One of the reviews for Deborah Griffin, Scottsdale AZ Realtor, starts, "HONEST & LOYAL". What if we told you that it appears Deborah Griffin is little more than a common thief? Read on and judge for yourself...[more]

Apple’s Fall From Grace – Go Hack Yourself!

What if we told you that anyone, including your 10 year old, could take complete control of your computer in under 1 minute if they're sitting in front of it? What if we told you that simply losing your laptop could exp[more]

Recently, I ran across quite a few conversations about use of language and body movements/positions in order to achieve success in sales, including real estate, or dating, or life. The basic concept behind these coaching[more]

Parallax Scrolling – Really?  Do we have to?

I bowed out of most of the various technology for real estate groups some two weeks ago, fearing that I was getting caught up on the wrong side of many issues relating to the creative side of design and tech for Real Est[more]

I hated the Century 21 ads. Yep, I said "hated". It's not because most seemed unfriendly to one group or another or because my 12 year old could have probably shot them better. It's because these ads committed the sam[more]

I’d rather be poked with a pitchfork than be told to shut the hell up…

I spend quite a bit of my time digging through various groups and forums that deal with real estate in my efforts to keep abreast of current goings on, sentiments, et al.  It’s my way of staying on top of my game [more]