Branding, taglines, slogans and other evils of marketing

We must all have a brand, a tag, a slogan and a song… Or must we?

Big companies, brands and products with wide commercial appeal have a tag, a slogan or a jingle associated with them.  Most of the recognizable ones came about after huge chunks of money were chucked at a board room full of long-haired ad men and, more recently, women, who threw around countless concepts for days or weeks or years until something gelled.

At some point some real estate marketing guru/coach/expert decided that people in the business of selling homes should pretend to be brands, products or ginormous firms.  They all had to brand themselves, which to most simply meant finding that perfect tag.  Are you Branded? Sloganed? Tagged?   Does it reinforce what you do?  Have you looked at possible connotations your tagline might have to someone who does not yet know you?  Just some things to consider.  And then, there is, of course, common sense…

Here are a few tags I ran across recently while compiling a mailing list.  All of these are, indeed, real.  I swear I didn’t make them up.  While the mailing list was specific to real estate, the advice (and what not to do) should apply to any business.  So here they are with my brief commentary.  Enjoy:

We are in the service industry:

“Discretionary service…”
(I will help you if and when I feel like it, and that’s a promise!)

“My service will raise your standards.”
(Did I mention that I am a snob?”)

“Unexcelled Excellence Everytime…”
(I swear everything else was taken…)

They said it should sound personal…or something…:

“Not Just Your Personal Realtor, But Part Of The Family”
(you may not remember me, but I might drop by your house for a Christmas dinner… That’ll be ok, right?)

Longevity is everything in this business, I tell yah:

“1990 Years Serving ***** County.”
(So did the architecture change for the better since? Or is it all about the plumbing?)

“You’d be surprised to learn about my years of experience”
(so you are old as dirt… hmmm, how is your health?)

A little bit of sexual innuendo never hurt anybody:

“The Satisfaction Specialist”

“The harder I work, the luckier you get!”
(A 1-900 number would go fabulously well on these business cards… )

So, what’s your tagline?

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2 Responses to Branding, taglines, slogans and other evils of marketing
  1. Inna Hardison
    April 25, 2011 | 11:36 am

    Hi Brad. Nothing wrong with Home Loan Artist, provided you are really good at what you do:-) Artist carries a bit of weight with it. Thx for your comment.

  2. Brad Yzermans
    April 24, 2011 | 5:40 pm

    I recently dropped the tag line for my personal blog site, ‘Inland Empire Mortgage, Rates & Real Estate’. I kind of let my domain name act as a sort of tag line……Home Loan Artist. I’m trying to brand my name, with the the domain, and hoping that gives people an idea of what I do as well.

    I stayed away from trying to play on the word artist or literally look like an artist.

    It’s all about trying to differentiate myself.

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