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Give a Shit, Know Your Shit

Selecting a marketing company to craft the public facing image of your brand is very stressful. How can I possibly tell the difference between one smooth talking marketing person after another? The words are smart, the images are pretty and how the heck am I going to tell what will “work” and what won’t?

So, here is what I did. I studied the people, not the marketing. I first met Jon and Inna with a small technical question that I posted on Facebook. Jon didn’t just give me a few hints, he got in and worked with me to actively fix my problem and asked absolutely nothing in return. After that incident, I noticed Jon and Inna helping people and never pitching their services, time and time again. Jon and Inna give a shit.

I started paying attention to their clients. I looked at their websites, their logos their “brand” image. Everything looked cohesive, attractive, and personal- but most marketing people create beautiful stuff. Would I find that the beauty is only skin deep? I called several HaMedia clients. What was their experience? Were they happy? What did they expect from their website and, did they get what they expected? The answer was always very positive, which is what you would expect- except HaMedia didn’t give me references to call. I found these people through my extensive grapevine. That same grapevine includes some of the most respected names in real estate marketing and many of the thought leaders in our industry. The verdict was consistent across the board. Jon and Inna not only make pretty stuff, their stuff works. Jon and Inna know their shit.

My site and my brand are utterly amazing. The best thing I can say about their work is that there is no way in the world I could have come up with this stuff on my own. In fact, Jon and Inna created a look and a logo that is a complete reflection who I actually am…. not the smaller version of how I saw myself. It takes a rare talent to truly SEE a person and then reflect that in something as distilled as a logo.

They care enough to get to know who I am. They cared enough to think carefully about to communicate what they saw in me. They gave a shit about me.

My site launched in January of 2013. Since then it has been lauded in articles in InmanNext, marketing blogs and industry articles as being bold, fresh and innovative. My number of repeat visitors have doubled and the time they spend on my site has tripled. This means I am doing a much better job of attracting and keeping my tribe! The most important metric for me, however, is the number of people who tell me, in real life, how much they enjoy my website.

My logo for DIGGS is a stroke of genius. It is cutting edge, it represents the aspirations of my ideal client and it is cool- just like me. It is utterly unique in the real estate industry and it could only be created by a marketing team that gives a shit and knows their shit.

What more can you ask?

Kendyl - you've no idea how much this means to us. Thank you for this, and for being you and for letting us do our thing:-)

600+ Visits Per Day In 90 Days!

I hired Jon & Inna to rebuild my website in November/2011. We launched the "new & improved" version on 12/28/11. In 2011, we averaged 30-35 visits per day. In the past week (today is 3/15/12) we have been getting over 600 visits per day (200% increase in visits). Needless to say, our agents think I'm their hero now, as they have more leads coming in than they could have ever imagined.
This is a no-brainer. Hire them to build your site, LISTEN to them when they talk about how to target your market, and you will be amazed by the results. I can't stress "LISTEN" enough. If Inna tells you to do something, DO IT! Your job is to sell homes, and their job is to build a website and help you generate leads. Think of it as this..When it comes to lead generation, they are like the pilot on a plane. Just sit back, follow the instructions, and they will get you from point A to point B. Don't argue, just listen.
These folks are not vendors. They are partners for life in your business. They will work with you to develop your business, they will be there when you need them when you have questions, and they will be your new best friends.
Call me at 602-909-5994 if you have any questions. I'd be glad to share my experiences with you.

Bob - that is so very sweet of you and we are thrilled that you are trending upwards in a big way... Being a great broker that you are helps as well though. For anyone reading this, Bob knows what he is doing, knows his market and gives above and beyond to his clients. We just made it a bit more obvious to folks stumbling upon the site:-) Thank you kindly Sir, and seriously thrilled to have you as a client and a friend.

My website rocks!

The site Inna and Jon built for me is pretty great, go ahead - check it out! I'm so proud of it and what's really cool is I didn't have to do anything (other than provide content) to make it happen.

The process was great. They got to know me, they researched my market and on their own, built a unique site designed for my clients and as a great way to introduce them to me.

I'm blessed to have these guys on my team- I don't think a better site would be possible. If your trying to select someone to build a site pick these guys and HOPE they pick you back. Then - just get out of their way!


Awwww! Thank you Paul. We like to believe we can do some pretty cool things under the right circumstances, but what makes something "great" is the product, service, and individuals that are behind that product. What we've always aimed to do is to simply share what we've learned about our clients with those that have an interest in doing business with them. In short, you're the reason it came out the way it did, and we're proud to have had the opportunity to get to know you and help you share, well, you. =)

Can't wait to see how things progress with your business and its new forward face on the net, but make no mistake. That's your face my friend. Not ours.
Best wishes moving forward. We're here when you need us.

Extremely Helpful!

I met Inna in the real estate tech support group on fb and was fortunate enough to get a consultation on my existing website. She is honest, upfront and very direct about what is working and more importantly what is not. Thanks Inna!

Hi Danny: Thank you for stopping by and leaving the kind words. Much appreciated. We are glad we could help. =)

I Love Team Hardison

I love Team Hardison. They spend time in our tech support group providing helpful solutions to our members and are truly passionate about what they do. Thank you Jon and Inna

Hey Jimmy! It is our pleasure, really. =) You have done a good thing for a lot of people. If we can help out in some small way... good for everyone. Thanx for stopping buy and thanx again for the kind words.

Wonderful Work

Inna and the fine folks at ha Media Group, do excellent work. Anyone looking for print or web design help, can’t go wrong here. Couldn’t recommend them more!

They designed a perfect wordpress real estate site for me…

I found Jon & Inna with HaMedia through a mutual friend. In my fourth year in real estate I had been looking for my niche, my ‘identity’, the future of my business.

They talked with me, learned a bit about who I am, and designed the most perfect wordpress real estate website, created with me in mind. I feel VERY fortunate to have found them, can’t recommend them enough and intend to keep them forever;

Thanks guys for everything!!!

Greatly exceeded my expectations on every level

HA Media Group (Jon and Inna Hardison) epitomizes professionalism, talent and creativity. Jon and Inna have greatly exceeded my expectations on every level. As a broker/owner, REALTOR, I know what it takes to completely satisfy a client and I hold service providers who I partner with to the same standards or I cease to do business with them.
That said, I am completely blown away by the immense talents both Jon and Inna bring to all things real estate (which also apply to other industries).

They have many talents: marketing, advertising, strategy, branding, graphic design, website architecture, design, development and hosting, print, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and an uncanny ability to understand a client’s needs and translate those needs, concerns, goals into tangible, reasoned, well thought out and stellar solutions.
I knew from the very instant I saw a postcard design that I happened to stumble upon which they designed and produced for another client, that I had found someone with an amazing skill set. I e-mailed HA Media Group and within minutes, Inna called me, we chatted for a long time, and within two days, Jon and Inna had created a concept, design and printed a marketing campaign I needed.

That first experience produced a positive ROI, so I exclusively gave them more work, from advertising and marketing strategy, branding, numerous marketing pieces, advertising banners, and finally, complete autonomy to take my existing websites and completely re-engineer, redesign, from scratch with an overall strategy and roadmap of what it was I needed to accomplish. In fact, they helped me understand the roadmap, not vice versa, and they added how all the dots would connect, concrete steps I needed to take, and we were true partners every step of the way.

I now have what I consider to be some of the best real estate websites out there.
I have used some of the biggest and most well-respected real estate industry service providers, and I can absolutely say with 100% confidence that none of them have performed to the extent that Jon and Inna have. Everything they touch is darn near magical, they are so talented, it’s almost hard to describe. I am happy to speak with any prospective client who is considering utilizing HA Media Group’s amazing talents. Personally, Jon and Inna are two of the most passionate, honest to a fault, open, engaging, and fun people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with as a service provider, this is a rare thing in business.
To be able to pick up the phone or e-mail and obtain a response, an answer, a solution, in such a timely fashion also cannot be over emphasized. In short, I simply cannot praise Jon and Inna enough, both professionally, as well as personally.
Just take a look at my sites: – my corporate brokerage site that’s designed to appeal to sellers and to help me recruit great Cleveland agents. (which won 1st place in Ohio Realtor Association advertising and design competition) – a buyer-centric Cleveland home search site, designed to make it easy for consumers to find Cleveland homes for sale in any neighborhood and learn a bit about the area.

There is no lack of creativity at HaMedia…

In a time when so many people are working on imitating others, Jon and Inna are working hard to create a unique and custom brand for each client. I hired them to design my Facebook business page because everything else was so cookie cutter. I knew they would create a unique page for me, and was not disappointed.

As someone not interested in being like everyone else, originality is everything. There is no lack of creativity at HaMedia and have mixed feelings about sharing how talented they are. I really want them all to myself so my competitors don’t find them because there aren’t any templates in the world of HaMedia.
Here is my Facebook Business Page and head to the communities section to see their talent in action….well all of you except my competitors…you can just mosey on by and I’ll point you to the cookie cutter shop down the street
Melina Tomson, broker/owner Tomson Burnham Real Estate, Salem OR

Honored to have had them design my logo, brand and more…

“ From ‘house cards’ to logo creation to business cards of various styles and even bookmarks, this incredibly talented couple-team has done a magnificent job for me!
I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to work with Jon & Inna and have recommended them to everyone that I come in contact with! My business cards, left in the homes of sellers, get comments on almost a daily basis from others in our industry–and that’s saying something in this highly competitive market where we all want to stand apart from the crowd.


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