On brevity in Iambic pentameter…

By way of brief intro, there has been a lot of jabber around my socials on brevity in writing/blogging/et al.  By way of a Friday joke, I made this status update, not expecting any responses.  But since I got some, it now officially constituted a dare.

Click the FB image for the rest of that conversation:

So here goes, 144 words on the subjects recommended by my FB friends: unicorns, froglickers, 151, manatees and Zillow.

On Brevity in Iambic…

The pundits tell us that we must write short
I tell them that the Unicorns are real
And that redacted thought is not a thought
But a reflection of another’s zeal
For smaller words; and even smaller feelings

Unless the brevity expressed is such
That beauty shimmers off each letter’s edge
And beckons us to wade the very depths
Of unknown streams; where magic is a hunch
That manatees are us, removed at birth

That stories in six words are only told
By those with rare gifts, and rarer still
In spaces where complexities of thought
Are yet to be disdained, as if we shill
For the appeasement of the common sheep

I’ve been accused of licking stranger frogs
Than measuring my syllables or words
I’d rather tilt at windmills that are Zillow
Or down Pirates’ Rum, 151
Than calculate my future readers’ worth

Thank you to Melina, Coleen and Marc for humouring me:-)

Do you follow rules of some kind when writing, and if yes, what are they, and what makes them not arbitrary to you?

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2 Responses to On brevity in Iambic pentameter…
  1. Suzanne Roy
    June 21, 2012 | 8:48 am

    151 Baby! Nice job, Inna!
    Although, I haven’t a clue what iambic or pentameter means – dictionary.com here I come! 😉

  2. jmac
    June 19, 2012 | 2:44 pm

    rules……well, i’ve never thought about that. i try to make sure most words are spelled correctly, but at my advanced age, i am at the mercy of spell check and spell check is limited to, too, two or tue. i try. my biggest rule is to be sure to say something i have said before and forgotten that i have shared it in the past or passed. i have this funny thought that the interweb will be around to amuse my grandchildren as they drown in the rising climate warning oceans. what a way to go.

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