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Adobe Creative Cloud – Viable Service or Liability?

If you’re loud enough Adobe will give you a 30 day credit so you can get back to work, but there’s more you should consider. Check it out here…

Apple’s Fall From Grace – Go Hack Yourself!

What if we told you that anyone, including your 10 year old, could take complete control of your computer in under 1 minute if they’re sitting in front of it? What if we told you that simply losing your laptop could expose all the client data you have on that computer?

Diverse Solutions IDX Security Issue

Hi everyone: Not happy to be writing this post, and while it’s probably not a very big deal for the vast majority of Agents out there, this newly discovered issue could be huge for some, brokerages in particular.   Description: Two days ago we discovered a sizable vulnerability with the Diverse Solutions control panel.  In…