There is no lack of creativity at HaMedia…

In a time when so many people are working on imitating others, Jon and Inna are working hard to create a unique and custom brand for each client. I hired them to design my Facebook business page because everything else was so cookie cutter. I knew they would create a unique page for me, and was not disappointed.

real estate facebook page design by Hamedia Group

As someone not interested in being like everyone else, originality is everything. There is no lack of creativity at HaMedia and have mixed feelings about sharing how talented they are. I really want them all to myself so my competitors don’t find them because there aren’t any templates in the world of HaMedia.

Here is my Facebook Business Page and head to the communities section to see their talent in action….well all of you except my competitors…you can just mosey on by and I’ll point you to the cookie cutter shop down the street

Melina Tomson, broker/owner Tomson Burnham Real Estate, Salem OR

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