Another chance to make an impact – Are you missing it?

Another of my quick little posts, but this time on Gravatar, and what most already know, but may have not have realized fully.

WordPress users are generally familiar with, as the only way to get your Avatar associated with all your posts on any WordPress site.  Most of us ran off and created our profiles, adding and associating our pictures or logos with various email address so we’d be sure to be seen where ever we went.

But like a lot of you, I found that once I created my Gravatar account, I forgot all about it.  I never went through and added any information about myself, connected any of my social profiles to it…  Heck, I never even took the time to explain who I was or what I did.  To be fair, I don’t really do that anywhere, but that’s just me.

Well, for about the past (I wanna say…) year or so, Automattic has been making strides toward making many of the tools previously available only on, available to all WordPress site owners, which presents yet another opportunity to put yourself out there with every post.

This site is a great example:  While reading this blog, put your mouse over an avatar.  You can try the one at the top of the post next to the title, or try one from a comment (if there are any).  🙂

BAM!  There it is…  All the info this person wants to share with you.  In the past, if you wanted to know a little something about me, you’d have to hope I’d published it on the about page, but now, I can share all sorts of information including links to this and other sites, all my social accounts, my avatar (of course) as well as many additional photos…  making it easier for readers to figure out who I am, see what I do or have done…  It’s up to me.

So go update your accounts.  Drop in all that extra information and make yourself known (a little more).  Oh, and don’t forget:  Google can see it too.

Have fun.

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