Some thoughts on Dashter, Unicorns and this thing you call Twitter

This post was generated by Dashter

Jeff Turner (@respres), who most of you probably know as that really smart bald guy in California who runs Zeek and a bunch of other things, was kind enough to hand me a copy of Dashter that so many of my Twitter friends have been talking about for weeks now.  Here is a little illustration of what this thing does:-)

For one thing, it allows you to curate Tweets from within your WP Dashboard – which is rather nifty methinks:

Dave ColeDave Cole – @HeyDaveCole
And the winner for “most unique #dashter testing tweets” goes to @innahamedia 😉 #unicorns? #froglicker?

Had to start with a tweet with my name in it, of course.

Thomas CunninghamThomas Cunningham – @homesbythomas
@respres Good Evening Jeff. What’s all this #dashter I hear spoke of lately? Something you’ve created? I’m sure it will be a success!

dashter rocks

dashter wp plugin rocks

See – I pulled this one from that nifty little search tab that allows me to search for any hashtag or topic and pull up recent tweets on the subject – it’s kind of like organizing your tweets the only way that makes sense:-)

Teri Conrad Teri Conrad – @TeriConrad
Freak!! 🙂 RT @innahamedia: This is a test. “blalalbhasldjfasjdfljas;dfjalsdjf aweorjkdm #froglicker #unicorns are cool #ilikecheese

And this is the tweet that @HeyDaveCole decided was weird enough to warrant my first curated tweet at the beginning of this article… Took me literally 2 seconds to pull it up.

innahamediainnahamedia – @innahamedia
Twitting exclusively via my site today – THANK YOU @DashterWP cc:respres

I lied. I got some dm’s and so ended up having to respond the old school way, via desktop app. Except for that, though, today I followed all my @mentions and convos via the dash of my site. Pretty amazing tools there. I no longer need TweetDeck (which I’ve always rather hated). I can quote, reply or do most of anything else I would need to do from right where I spend most of my day:-)

As cool as curation is, I spend most of my time with Dashter playing with my Relationships and my Stream.  The combination of the two is to me what makes this plugin an invaluable tool to anyone who blogs.  Here is basically what it can help you accomplish.  In the relationships tab, you can zero in on any profile and get full details, like this:

dashter full profile

Teri is cool - follow her:-)

But the ultimate beauty of Dashter is that I can add interests (as tags) to any user’s profile.  So I added a few to Teri’s – stuff I know she is interested in, and then visited my Stream (where Dashter basically puts a collection of your blog posts).

Here is what I got:

dashter recommend feature is pure brilliance

Now my twitter knows Teri a LOT better

Dashter went through my post tags and matched them to any of my Twitter buddies, and then matched those to my posts, based on context I had just created with a click of a button.  See, I know that Teri and Michael (@ProfessionalOne) are both interested in the subject of #socialroi – so they were recommended this post.  I like that.  Instead of just tweeting my stuff at random or manually to one person at a time, I can see how any of my drivel connects to anyone in my Twitter space and share only what I think is of interest to them.  Better conversations indeed, Jeff.

So there you have it.  There are a bazillion of other really cool features in Dashter, and quite possibly stuff I haven’t figured out yet.  This post only addresses what jumped out at me over the last few days. Your mileage may vary.  I think this plugin will encourage better engagement, lead to better conversations, and hopefully will not be something that compulsive spammers would choose as their tool of choice – it’s not very spammer-friendly.  But if you are in the social game for more than immediate conversion, I think this plugin is definitely worth every bit of the money it’ll cost and every second invested in the learning curve.:-)

One caveat: of course being so new that it’s not out yet, there are a few things that are not yet addressed.  Most important of these to me is the ability for multiple bloggers on the same site to have their own Dashter, so their tweets are connected to the appropriate handle.  I am told multi-blogger Dashter is in the works:-)

Full disclosure: I suck at Twitter, so not sure I tested all I was supposed to test.

Oh, almost forgot.  If you work for the FTC and read this post, I am not being compensated for writing it in any way, less that I was given a FREE copy of Dashter.  The gift was not in exchange for a glowing testimonial or some such.  Gosh, I really need a standard disclaimer. Basically, there is nothing here that anyone should want to sue me for.

#unicorns #froglicker

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4 Responses to Some thoughts on Dashter, Unicorns and this thing you call Twitter
  1. Irina Netchaewv
    November 30, 2011 | 5:05 pm

    Hmm… very interesting… can’t wait to test it out myself. Thanks Inna!

    • Inna Hardison
      December 1, 2011 | 2:54 pm

      Irina – they released it TODAY. Go check it out. http;// is LIVE.
      You’ll like it;-)

  2. Inna Hardison
    November 11, 2011 | 10:50 pm

    Your pretty face just happened to be at the top of my dashther dashboard is all:-)

    As for this nifty little plugin – I think it’s gonna totally rock! and yes, JT might have something to do with the rockage.

  3. Teri Conrad
    November 7, 2011 | 9:15 pm

    WOW! What a lovely surprise! (It’s really fun to be featured :)) *blush*

    Dashter looks sooooo cool! I can’t wait to test it out! You knew it was going to have to be amazing if Jeff Turner is involved!
    Thanks again Inna ~ You are a crazy #froglicker but I love ya! 🙂

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